Who Am I?

‘Who Am I’ is movie of my favorite action hero Jackie Chan, released in 1998. Ok jokes, apart I’m software developer, passionate about open source and sports. First time I come across programming in school days, where we learn Pascal. During college I started learning C as part of syllabus and fall in love for programming. Later I learned C++, Qt, C#, Asp.net. My first project was in Qt/C++, a shares (stocks) record keeping application build as exercise. Later I learned Asp.net/C# and build an management application for an IT training center. Beside of my office work, I contribute in Drupal, OpenSuse and Mono related projects. In Drupal I maintain couple of modules (Read Only mode, Webform reports) and contributed to (NLM field, Panel Ajax tab). In OpenSuse most of my contribution is using OpenFate ( also know as OpenSuse Features). Here is the list of features that I propose, (please comment and vote)

For mono project my contribution is testing apps on mono, reporting bugs and building packages for Monodevelop, using OpenSuse build service.

I’m currently working at Acquia, Pune as Sr. Drupal Developer. In sport I'm interested in Cricket, Football, Badminton and Carom.