Mango Linux

Mango Linux is the distro for mango people, build to provide best user experience with latest stable softwares.
Normally when we install new version of Linux, after installation we has to install additional packages, specially multimedia packages. Hence, I build a distro on top of OpenSuse, which contains additional packages, it will save time for searching and installing packages. It also includes the all updates available till build date.

It is based on OpenSuse 13.1 and it has some additional packages. Some important applications are

  1. Browser – Firefox, Opera, Chormium
  2. E-mail Client – Thunderbird
  3. Multimedia – VLC, Amarok with extra codecs from Packman repo, Handbrake Video converter
  4. LibreOffice 4.2
  5. Utilities – K3b, unrar
  6. Skype
  7. Dropbox, OwnCloud Client
  8. Wine – To windows applications
  9. All updates available till the build date

Built with SUSE Studio